Membership Rewards

In addition to enjoying incredible vacation and travel experiences as a My Travel Rewards Club member, you can also take advantage of other amazing benefits. We offer a comprehensive Travel Cash rewards system that gives you more opportunities to indulge in luxurious vacations for less.

HowTravel Cash Works

Our Travel Cash program offers so much to our members, allowing them to save on luxurious vacation experiences by booking through our private member portal.

Each Travel Cash credit = $1 and works the same as a cash rewards program.

Members can earn Travel Cash through qualifying Resort Week, hotel, or cruise bookings and use that Travel Cash towards other accommodation or cruise bookings through the member portal.

Most notably, Travel Cash never expires.

VIP Exchange

My Travel Rewards Club allows qualifying members* to earn Travel Cash through our VIP Exchange program. Members can deposit their timeshare ownership into our system in exchange for as much as the full value of their maintenance fees in Travel Cash**. The Travel Cash can be used to book qualifying Resort Weeks, hotels, cruises, and other travel deals.

There are no deposit or exchange fees, no blackout dates, and the Travel Cash never expires.

*My Travel Rewards Club does not accept deposits of any Vida Vacations property or any property with “pay as you go” maintenance fees for our VIP Exchange

**The amount of Travel Cash given in our VIP Exchange program is based on an evaluation by the MTRC team. Members will be informed of the Travel Cash amount before any deposit is finalized

Unlimited Cash Back

Our members can automatically earn unlimited cash back on their travel purchases through My Travel Rewards Club reservations! Earn 2% back on all qualifying Resort Week, hotel, and cruise bookings and receive a cash rebate from us every quarter.

This earned cash can be converted to Travel Cash and can be used within the My Travel Rewards Club platform to book a future travel adventure.

Authorized Users

Give the gift of a lavish vacation by adding Authorized Users to your membership. As Authorized Users, your family and friends can take advantage of your travel savings and plan their own spectacular retreat at a great discount.

Additionally, YOU earn more Travel Cash! When your designated Authorized Users make a qualifying Resort Week, hotel, or cruise reservation, you’ll get up to 2% back in Travel Cash to utilize on your future vacation accommodations. This is a fantastic way to share these benefits with family and friends while earning Travel Cash for yourself!

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